Granada Petroleum Equipment & Supply

IT Services

Company with commitment and passion for providing value to its customers by enabling technology, and offer our unique services and products  in the areas of ERP, e-Business, Data warehousing, RFID technology, Quality Analysis and Testing by latest technology. IT Knowledge and  valuable experience, is our aim to approach each client specific requirements, we strive for highest level of customer satisfaction.)
  • IT Services:
  1. IT Solutions
  2. Network
  3. Software Development
  4. Maintenance Consultancy
  5. Web Hosting & Cloud Hosting
  • List of Solutions
  1. Healthcare Management Solution (hospital & Clinics)
  2. Inventory Management Solution
  3. Warehouse Management Solution
  4. Access control attendance solution Government/Individual )
  5. Transportation and Logistics Tracking Solutions(Vehicles and drivers tracking)
  6. Manufacturing Management solution (track items from packing – storage-Stock IN – Stock Out)
  7. Archiving and documents tracking solution
  8. Smart Parking System
  9. Smart Automation Solutions
  • List of Products :
  1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  2. BPM (Business Process Management)
  3. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  4. EPM (Enterprise Process Management)
  5. EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)
  6. SCM (Supply Chain Management)
  7. FMS (Financial Management Solutions)
  8. HRMS (Human Resource Management Systems)
  9. Inventory System
  10. RFID Attendance System
  11. RFID Tracking System
  12. Smart Tracking Devices
  13. Call center and tracking order for restaurants
  14. Automation Devices
  15. Online Web Services